Monday, June 09, 2008

The Crime of the Century

I drank up Vincent Bugliosi's book, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder like a thirsty person in the desert. Or, perhaps, like a drunken frat boy at a kegger. 

I have admired Mr. Bugliosi ever since Helter Skelter. He pulls no punches and has a passion for truth and justice. I believe him when he says that if it were a Democratic president who had perpetrated these crimes, he would be writing the exact same book. 

But the most important thing that I took away from this book was the reminder that the invasion of Iraq facilitated by lies is the most egregious crime that this pack of criminals has perpetrated upon the world, and not merely one of the many failures of the Bush Administration. In its magnitude it must not be compared to anything else, but stand alone in its atrocity, horror and shame. We can't lump it in with the other misdeeds such as wiretapping, tax cuts for the rich while stealing from the poor, protecting corporations while it attacks individuals, decimating a formerly robust middle class, gutting or usurping government agencies and laws that are supposed to be safeguarding the American people and putting the foxes in charge of the henhouse; although all of these are related and all of these are heinous in themselves, they pale beside the indisputable fact that our beloved country was lied into a war of choice. Not our choice, mind you; the choice of Bush and his 'advisors' the PNAC neo-conservative crowd, and the defense corporations and 'support' corporations who profit massively from it.

I still can't believe that we aren't screaming about this each and every day. It's like saying Hitler murdered six million Jews, and also had bad breath. No crime can be more vile than sending a nation to attack another nation without need; to kill hundreds and thousands of innocent people! The media will breathlessly report on the mysterious disappearance of one blonde white woman, and the nation roars its outrage as one. Yet let people act the same way over the Iraq 'war' and they are derided as left-wing lunatics who should just shut up and go along with the program. I still can't believe that the response from much of America, when confronted with the fact that we were lied into a bloody, greedy occupation, is, like that of our self-selected vice president (who really puts the 'vice' into vice president), "So?"

Everything this pack of psychopaths, murderers and thieves has touched since 2000 has been destroyed or perverted, to be sure. But, as far as I'm concerned, this groteque and monstrous 'war' is the Crime of the Century, and if we don't get it now, the world will hold us accountable later. Bugliosi points out that, unlike any other real 'war president' (Bush's own proud appellation), he is consistently cheerful, upbeat and - well, happy while hundreds of thousands who have died by his signature rot in their graves, and the millions of survivors and their family members who did not physically die on the battlefield have the hopes of a happy life destroyed forever. Bill Clinton was mocked for 'feeling our pain', and he certainly had his shortcomings, but I'd rather have someone 'feeling our pain' than feeling no pain. The grinning frat boy just goes on his merry way, leaving death and despair in his wake and thinking no more of it than he worries about the fate of the empty beer bottles that get thrown out (aren't they called 'dead soldiers'?) after a fraternity bacchanal. But it is the American people that will have to suffer the hangover, the shame and disgrace of the morning after.


Linda Ann Alvarez said...

Anyone seriously interested in the unfathomable criminals in this administation be held responsible for their lies and manipulations and MURDERS, needs to do a few things now:

1) Read Vincent Bugliosi’s The Prosecution of George W Bush for Murder - wherein he so clearly spells out the case and sites all the necessary evidence in detail, to bring this gang to justice, whatever their high falutin title.

2) Sign every petition in support of prosecution you can find.

3) Stand up and let your voice ring out loud at every opportunity - write letters, make phone calls, go to rally’s etc to show your support, nay, your insistance that they NOT be allowed to get away with their criminal behavior.

Fight for Justice — Do Not Rest until we restore this once great country.

Thank you,
Linda Alvarez

Alicia Morgan said...

Thanks, Linda - and you're right on. We have to keep the pressure on any way we can.

Distributorcap said...

great post, great review...

you wonder why the media is more obsessed with missing blondes than the high crimes and treason of bush -- because the media is owned by companies that are profitting from bush or his war! (murdoch for example)

here is the optimist -- obama's puts bush and cheney on trial when he gets into office -- or spends years chasing him.

there is no punishmenht to severe for anyone who partook in this crime of the century

i hate that scumbag with every ounce of my body

Alicia Morgan said...

Me too, Dcap - I know it's not fashionable to be 'angry', but I am furious and intend to stay that way until some kind of justice is done.

Mad? You better believe I am. Hate? I'm not ordinarily a hater, but this murderer, liar and sociopath has driven me to it. And I won't be shamed into silence and obedience by a media which acts as if being 'angry' is something to be avoided at all costs.

Yoga Korunta said...

The Bible thumpers got what they wanted. It is past time they get what they deserve.

Can't wait for the book!

Comrade Kevin said...

If there were any such thing as fairness in the world, we would have impeached not just Bush, but Cheney and several more members of the inner circle.

But as evidenced by Watergate and Ken Starr, impeachment is a time-consuming, complicated matter which probably would not succeed unless anything glaring were to surface.

Fans and Friends of Lydia Cornell said...

Alicia -- great post. And at Smirking Chimp.

We just had Bugliosi on our radio show last Monday and I got to have a heart-to-heart conversation with him. He's amazing! And so kind.

I sent you the link, but you can listen in the archives at
or find the link at


(I'm so proud of you for your amazing book!)

Alicia Morgan said...

Wow, Lydia! That is so great. I'm thrilled for you to get the chance to talk to him. I'm listening to the audio right now. Have you read his book about the theft of the 2000 election by the Supreme Court? I wish everyone understood this the way Mr. Bugliosi does - it's so very clear.