Saturday, April 12, 2008

Last-Minute Heads-Up - I'm Running To Be An Obama Delegate!

Hello from Crazy-Land! I have been so completely slammed this week that I forgot to mention that I'm running to be an Obama delegate tomorrow. I'm finishing up the final editing of my book with my editor, and we're planning to be all done by Monday night - then, off it goes to be published! Plus, I'm back at work - I had to write a brand-new curriculum for my 'Keyboards for Singers' class last week - I think it's turning into a book too! And my husband is out of town making his rounds in Nashville, so I've got the kids by myself (although I have to say that this weekend they have been awesome - my big son is taking care of the littles and they're all cleaning the house and are going to have a movie party at home tonight while I'm out at a gig. Oh, yes - did I leave that out? I also have a gig tonight an hour away in Moorpark, which means I'll get home at 2:30 or 3:00 in the morning.

I've never done anything like this before, and I may never again. I signed up for the caucus in January, not thinking much about it, and then this week find that I'm on the ballot and that I actually have to campaign! And give a speech! Only one minute, but a speech nevertheless. So I'll be spending the day split between working on my book and writing a speech and a little bio about me and why I want to be a delegate to make a flyer to hand out to people at the caucus to get them to vote for a nobody.

Bottom line: I'm running to be an Obama delegate and to have a true progessive voice and vote at the Democratic Convention. The more real committed progressives we get at every level - from bottom to top - in the Democratic Party, the better chance we stand of making a change. As you all know, I'm a big proponent of 'preaching to the choir', because I feel that it's more effective to try to motivate liberals on the sidelines than to try to convert conservatives. We have enough people who believe in progressive values; we're the majority, as a matter of fact. It's getting them involved and active that is our real challenge, but it's a challenge I see as more doable than changing the mind of a conservative. So I am trying to take my own advice and not just talk but do something, and this is a golden opportunity to do just that. This election could prove to be one of the most important Presidential elections ever - literally the difference between war and peace, between economic collapse and the hope of mitigating it; not to mention the judiciary where the remaining judges who are not radical right-wing are now in the most tenuous position imaginable and some will be replaced in the next four years. We cannot allow the judiciary to be hijacked for the next thirty years., which is what will happen if another Republican gets into office.

I have never asked anyone to vote for me before, so it feels really awkward - but if you are a registered Democrat in my congressional district (the 28th CD in California) or you know someone who is, I'd like to ask you to come out to the caucus tomorrow and vote for me. The caucus is being held here:

North Hollywood Recreation Center
11430 Chandler Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Here's how you get there.

Caucuses open at 2pm - you must be in line by 3pm in order to receive a ballot to vote. Caucuses are open to registered Democrats who live in that Congressional District.

And you can check out the California Democratic Party website for more information.

Thank you!


GreenSmile said...

that is so cool.
Go'bama! Go Alicia!

I am sorry I don't know anyone in your district. I got relatives in Chatsworth, Santa Monica and Chula Vista. And unfortunately only the Chula Vista folks are Democrats.

nunya said...

Sorry I didn't see this sooner. I live in N Hollywood as a kid.
So, how did it go?

Yoga Korunta said...

I don't live in California, but I'm voting for you anyway!

Anonymous said...

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