Thursday, March 27, 2008

Carnival of the Liberals #61 - Better Late Than Never!

My abject apologies go out to everyone who sent in an article, and especially to the esteemed proprietor, the Neural Gourmet, who I enjoyed meeting in DC last November with Americans United for Separation of Church and State (the long name with the short URL!). If it was not for my horrendous computer crash it would have been up yesterday.

So, I would like to belatedly offer up for your perusal and edification the cream of the liberal blogging crop for Carnival of the Liberals #61. I now have more new great blogs to add to the ol' BlogRoll.

Starting us off with a bang is Divided We Stand, with an ode to the departing doughball that is Denny Hastert, "Oh Denny Boy" (appeals to my Irish heart), and what it signifies for the implosion of the Republicans.

Tracee from BlogFabulous makes a point that ought to be front and center of any discussion of the abortion issue - Stop Abortion, Vote Healthcare!

The mighty T of The Republic of T tells it like it is about the 'Ownership Society', or, more correctly, the Society of the Owned, Pt. 1. This is a series, BTW, and one that you should read every installment of.

Are you as sick of the selfish smugness of Objectivists as I am? Matthew Wilder, the Wild Philosopher, undresses Ayn Rand with Philosophically Fucking Humanity.

Although I understand we don't cotton much to 'candidate chatter' around the Carnival, I think my reasonably conservative friend Jon Swift has a word or two worth noting about the way Dems (and many liberal bloggers) are attacking each other and doing Grampa McCain's dirty work for him in Hillary Clinton Supporters at Daily Kos Go On Strike! C'mon, you krazy kids, knock it off, why don'tcha?

Greta Christina, she of the eponymous Blog, is a blogger I didn't know before, but who I will be reading regularly now that I have discovered her. Her post On The Amazingness of Atheists...and Why It's Doomed is thought-provoking and smart.

MBB at Money Blue Book has an informative and pithily-titled post up about Making Fun Of Late Night Infomercials Using Hotties With Assets To Sell Get Rich Schemes. Another blog very much worth visiting, especially in this economic free-fall.

Another blogger that I was fortunate enough to meet in DC with Americans United was the formidable PZ Myers of Pharyngula, a free-thinking evolutionary biologist who is on the front lines of the battle between science and superstition. He was interviewed for the pro-'intelligent design' film Expelled!, featuring the always-scintillating Ben Stein. Since he was rather prominently featured in the movie, he and some family members planned on attending a screening at the local theater. I won't give away the details to those who don't know the story, but Greg Laden, a biological anthropologist and scienceblogger of...wait for it...Greg Laden's Blog, has all the details in PZ Myers Expelled, Gains Sainthood. You'll laugh, you'll, you'll just laugh. It's that rich.

Charles H. Green of Trust Matters brings us a word to the wise with Great Moments in Self-Regulation: Financial Planners and CFP Board. Any time you hear those magic words 'self-regualtion', hold on to your wallet and run the other way! The fleecing is about to commence.

Well, that's it for my first edition of Carnival of the Liberals. Many thanks to all the bloggers who sent posts. See you on the merry-go-round!


The Ridger, FCD said...

Nice job. Some new blogs for me, too.

Alicia Morgan said...

Thanks, Ridger! Welcome to Hooterville!

Distributorcap said...

now that is a carnival worth attending....

hope you didnt lose anything in the computer meltdown., i am just about to buy a new one -- and last time the transfrer was not smooth

Alicia Morgan said...

Well, I was fortunate to have everything I needed backed up, so nothing was lost, but the transfer was definitely a hassle; my external backup drive seems to have some weird little short or something that causes a USB power issue with my laptop. If I get another backup drive I'm sure that it will not be a problem, but it was an all-day affair getting it back in shape Wednesday.

mw said...

Thanks for including me in this impressive compilation. Some good stuff here and looking forward to checking them all out.

I am sympathetic as I also experienced a recent meltdown of my Dell laptop. It was my primary machine and I am now limping along with a 7 year old Sony Vaio desktop. I've had it with windows. Next time - mac.

Alicia Morgan said...

It's Mac all the way for me. Windoze is teh suck, as far as I'm concerned. There's nothing I can't recover from a Mac on the rare occasion that problems arise.

jurassicpork said...

Man, I've been so engrossed in my novel, I never even knew about this series. 61 installments, Sis? Man, where've I been?

I've really gotta get my head out of my tookus and stop by here more often.

Alicia, is your book out, yet? Amazon says it's available on pre-order but the publishing date was a month ago.

Alicia Morgan said...

JP - this is the first one I've hosted, and the second one I've been a part of. It's a great thing, I think! You should definitely submit.

Well, I think it was supposed to be out by March, but it's still being edited. I'm hoping for May, myself.