Sunday, January 13, 2008

You Heard It Here First, Folks!

Great minds think alike... and here too - 2 days later, that is!
(except, I originally had it incorrectly as the Thrilla From Manila - still...)


Larry said...

Good call Alicia and obviously O'Donnell is a Hillary shill.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Thanks for the comments over at my Blog, and you should find a nice shiny new link in your technorati gift box the next time I update my Blog and ping. :)

BTW: Nice Blog you have here. And I hope you sell millions of copies of your book!

Alicia Morgan said...

Larry - too bad a so-called 'liberal' has to denigrate the process. Tthis marginalization of certain candidates to fit a storyline is just repellent.

Thanks, CM1 - welcome to my humble home! I found you through Blue Gal, and I enjoy your fine blog.

This is my first book, so I have no idea what to expect, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed - mostly because I sure hope that people who don't read blogs get a chance to see some of the information that the MSM has no interest in telling them about.