Thursday, July 05, 2007

Every Day Is Independence Day - When You're the Decider!

Did anyone else notice the admiring way that the 'critics' described the Kowboy Koward of Krawford's shockingly cavalier disregard for the rule of law and the American electorate? The slap in the face to the justice system?

On the talk-shows, the chattering monkeys were going wild. That Bush! What a macho, two-fisted guy! He doesn't care what the people think - he's da man! He just goes ahead and imposes his will regardless of pesky distractions like the justice system, the Bill of Rights, the irritating gnats that the public has become. Lesser men and women - those weak and craven bootlickers who actually pay attention to judges and the decisions of juries - may be swayed this way and that by the incessant whining of the rabble, but not The Commander Guy! They described Bush's pissing on the Constitution in the awestruck tones usually sounded by Geraldo Rivera when he's in the throes of an especially intense man-crush on Bill O'Reilly.

Make no mistake about it - the more the Decider tromps all over us and kicks us in our collective groins with his oversized hob-nailed, steel-toed jackboots, the more impressed these babblers are. Even as they enumerate his blatant offenses against democracy , against justice and against America, you can hear that tinge of - is it envy? Or the groveling of the cowardly at the feet of the meanest bully on the playground? How cool is it to just be able to do whatever you feel like, and spit in the face of your irrelevant and impotent detractors at the same time? To chortle gleefully, because you know no one is going to be able to do anything to stop you?

Yep, let's fire up the barbecue and throw another Democrat on the grill. When you're the Decider, every day is Independence Day!

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