Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Night Thoughts

Still not so good with keeping up the posting. So much is happening so quickly! A couple of weeks ago I went to Phoenix to the Nova M Radio anniversary party. It was a wonderful gathering, and it was great to meet so many interesting, smart progressives (Bill, if you're reading this, please e-mail me! I lost your address!). I finally got to meet Mike Malloy in person, and was able to thank him for helping me get a book contract by reading my posts on the air. He was just as nice in person as he is on radio (unless you are a member of or fellow-traveler of the Bush Crime Family, that is!). He has agreed to write a blurb for me. I also got to see Thom Hartmann, who I became aware of when I was diagnosed with ADD 7 years ago - his "A Different Perception - the Hunter/Farmer book" changed my life. He's also offered to write me a blurb!

Tomorrow night I am going to see Greg Palast speak - this will be my 3rd time seeing him. He makes me want to be an investigative journalist. I am just in awe of what he does, and the way he digs for the information and puts it together for us. I will try to get pictures, and fill you in on Greg's latest - he's always a couple of years ahead of the pack.



Larry said...

Alicia is moving in the big circles now and you deserve it all.

Alicia Morgan said...

Well, Larry, I wouldn't say 'moving' so much as 'hovering around the periphery' but I am giving it my very best shot.

I feel so strongly that everyone who has a voice ought to use it, and I want to use mine however I can get it heard. Lord knows the screaming hate-mongers have had theirs heard for way longer than enough. It's time for our side to be heard.