Monday, November 21, 2005

More Anniversaries and Props

I would be sadly remiss if I did not give mad props to Mr. M over at Comments From Left Field, who I consider to be my 'blogfather' (for whatever that's worth). His earlier blog "Left of Center" was the first political blog I read and commented on, and it inspired me to start my own. He has also subsequently invited me to cartoon on both the late lamented 'Unpaid Punditry Corps' and Goose3five's 'Comments From Left Field', and always been very encouraging to me. If you look back at my archives, you'll see that after my first month blogging, I wrote nothing until the following March. Mr. M's gently constructive criticism gave me the impetus to try to be a more consistent writer and cartoonist, and I have found that, just as with music, art, or anything else, practice makes, maybe not perfect, but lots better!

As I look at your profile, M, it says you started on Blogger in November of 2004 also - does this make it your anniversary, too?

And speaking of blog-i-versaries, cheers go out to my former UPC stablemate Cernig at NewsHog (isn't that just a great name?). You're always right on the money, C.

Many Happy Returns, guys!

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