Thursday, April 28, 2005

Hooter-Speak, and Those Who Fall For It


I must say, I am impressed. Really.

These guys are good.

Now that the "Nukular Option" phrase is testing badly for the Hootervillains, not only are they Luntzing it into the "Constitutional Option", but they are now claiming that "Nukular Option" is what the Democrats call it!

That's what I call stones.

And the so-called "Liberal Media" are obediently going along with it.

Heck, who needs Fox News anymore?


wanda said...

There's only one person in politics that I know of who can't pronounce nuclear and he ain't no democrat!!!

Alicia Morgan said...

...and he ain't no lawyer, and he ain't no economist neither!

carla said...

Imagine if we had a real media that was actually responsive and responsible. sheesh.

Welcome to the Progressive Women Bloggers Webring, btw.

Alicia Morgan said...

Well, the continuing consolidation of media outlets (now that those interfering 'regulations' have been scuttled) pretty much guarantees that we'll have to 'imagine' for the foreseeable future...