Friday, April 01, 2011

Eugene V. Debs

I'm just saying.


SeattleDan said...

One of my heroes. Thanks, Alicia!

Alicia Morgan said...

Mine too, Dan!

HưngTen said...

My life has changed greatly since I last posted to my blog. I am just glad you left yours up because all that was inconviently truthful when you wrote is only the more so today. We still sit, or dance, in a molding, self congratulating former super-power that tilts, with the inevitability of human nature faced with scarcity, toward fascism. I salute your bruised spirit in this fight against the tilting of a nation. It is exactly the insights common to liberal spille maskiner
minds that allow YOU to hang on to the earth under your feet and the good people around you as the rest shrug their shoulders, grab for the illusory scraps of security and slide to the right.